Ultra-High Security for peace of mind The Armaplate Sentinel sits at the very top of our range of products for door lock protection. It offers the ultimate in security and yet it remains affordable and great value for money.

The Sentinel is favoured by Fleet Operators who simply cannot afford to suffer the cost and inconvenience of theft attacks. They appreciate the effective simplicity of our products.

The system works by completely encasing the lock-barrel and surrounding areas. There are no moving parts and no keys to be lost or broken. Security is 24/7 and requires no activation by the driver!

The system has proved to be an extremely effective deterrent and is used by many “Blue Chip” companies including divisions of the Metropolitan Police.

In the event that a vehicle has already suffered a theft-attack, the Sentinel can be used as an effective and permanent repair, in addition to preventing it happening again in the future.

The Sentinel is made from high-grade stainless-steel which will never rust and spoil the appearance of your vehicles. Design and manufacturing is carried out to BS EN ISO9001 using cutting-edge technology.

The Sentinel is available for a wide range of popular vehicles and others are in constant development. For more information on this product, please give us a call on 01253 341252  and one of our sales team will send you a comprehensive info-pack and quote you a price to supply the product or to supply and fit.

Available for most vehicles!