With over 10 years as an independent specialist garage, we specialise in the servicing, repair, tuning, renovation and supplying of parts for Volvo cars of all models and ages.

Located in Blackpool, Lancashire on the Fylde Coast,  Auto Expert employs a range of enthusiasts and mechanics to ensure that you get the best possible service for your Volvo.

Because of their innovative technology and unconventional design we are aware of the lack of specialist help available to the BMW owner, with many garages either refusing to work on a Volvo, or do a substandard job.

Auto Expert Service was founded to solve these problems, hence the ‘…run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts…’ label. We are quickly establishing ourselves as one of the North West’s leading independent vehicle repair specialist, catering for all models, old and new. The workshop has the equipment and expertise to undertake any job on site, maintaining an unrivalled level of quality.

We pride ourselves on having the correct tools and the necessary understanding to be able to carry out any job on an any vehicle. Wherever possible we like to do all repairs on site in order to maintain the all important quality control.

To arrange your Volvo Service or Repairs, call us today on 01253 731810 or email

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